Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

Try the Many Amazing Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water Regularly:

Helps Remove Kidney Stones Completely.

Checks Urinary Tract Infections.

Benefits Pregnant Women.

Removes Cholera Causing Germs.

Cures Malnourishment.

Helps Prevent Intestinal Gases.

Excellent Tonic for the Old & Sick.

Enhances Sperm Quality in Men.

Instant & ready-made energy.

Instantly Refreshes after Hectic Physical Activity.

Re-energizes during general Weakness or during Recuperation.

Healthy Electrolyte Drink.

Acts as a stress-buster.

Great THIRST quencher.

Being a natural isotonic drink, replenishes lost minerals & salts & helps re-hydration.

Soothing to intestine.

Helps digestion.

Prevent acid reflux (acidity).

Increase the digestive tract's ability to absorb nutrients in food.

Helps prevent intestinal gases.

Favorite sports drink world over.

Balances acid levels and flushes toxins out thereby reduces chances of cancer.

Relieves burning sensation, and hot flashes, and cools from within.

As a beauty aid, promotes healthy smoother and pretty skin.

Helps retain moisture by the skin, thereby removing or reducing wrinkles.

Can also be used directly on the face , for skin re-hydration.

Valuable in urinary disorders; and natural diuretic in liver and heart disorders.

Very useful for peptic ulcer.

Strengthens muscles.

Good for dental health.

Being a germ killer, removes cholera causing germs from intestine.

Helps to quell drowsiness or head ache due over drinking of ALCOHOL.

Daily use by pregnant women helps the baby to get glowing skin & strong bones.

Pregnant women are benefitted by maintaining requisite water and mineral levels.

Detoxifies and helps fight off viruses.

Boosts body’s immune system.

Helps purification of blood.

Helps maintain hot flashes in menopausal women.

Naturally cools the body from inside to proper temperature.

Naturally sterile and has the same properties of human blood.

Has been used intravenously in emergency cases and during World War II.

Government of India Coconut Water Development Board promotes Tender Coconut Water as an energizing & naturally refreshing drink for everyday use.